Website Design by Little Pea

Image of Doh Liteful Website


Badgers 4×4 contacted me as I did their main website and they wanted a new single page website to focus on their breakdown and recovery service.

I created the website with the same logo, brand colours and style as their main website so that the branding stayed consistent.

This website is simple with information about their recovery service, images of their transport and ways in which to contact them.


Image of Doh Liteful Website


Oh So Grazy wanted a website that showcased their menu items and portrayed that they can cater for anything from a graze box to a large event.

They wanted the website to be visually appealing with images of their grazing products, so they had photographs professionally taken. Along with colours and styling based on their business, logo and vision the photos really make the website look great.

The website features a menu, gallery of images of their delicious food and many ways to contact them.

Image of Doh Liteful Website


Woodpecker Cottage came to me for a new website that integrated with their chosen booking management system. The booking system that they chose shows a calendar, rate card and allows users to send a booking enquiry to Woodpecker Cottage for them to confirm and send a payment request.

The logo and cottage interior gave me inspiration for the style and colours of the website. I created custom icons to represent the facilities and the homepage shows rolling images of the inside of the cottage.

As with all of my websites, this website is mobile and tablet friendly.


Image of Doh Liteful Website


Doh Liteful came to me for a bright and fun website to sell their homemade edible cookie Doh!

The website has a shop where you can purchase 16 flavours of doh as well as e-cards for gifts. It also has information on where to find the shop, ways in which to contact them and information about how the business started.

The website is full swirling images of cookie doh, the images for this website were photographed by a professional photographer.

Image of Caitlin Evans Textiles Website


Caitlin came to me as she wanted an online shop for her new business. She wanted to showcase her textile products and sell them through the website.

I created a bright and beautiful website using colours from her logo, images of her prints, videos of her working and professional photographs of her products.

Caitlin has the capability to access and manage the orders herself as well as update her blog.

Image of Vivid Mindfulness Website


Vivid Mindfulness wanted a bright but relaxing website with leaf and flower photographs throughout, including some of the images her Daughter had photographed.

Dr Evans wanted to showcase herself, her work and the courses that she offers in a neat and minimal way. She also wanted to be able to add and edit course information and blog herself. With training from myself she is now able to do all of this.

Image of N&D Wine School Website


N&D Wine School came to me for the design of a single page website. They wanted a website that showcased their services whilst looking fun.

With this in mind I used wine related images that show the fun that can be had from such events that they offer. All whilst showcasing their services and also giving an insight into their journey into the wine profession, giving that personal touch.

Image of N&D Wine School Website


MJ Lifts came to me as they had a website but it was outdated and didn’t work as well as they wanted.

I completely re-designed the website to make it look more up to date and set out the services in an easy to navigate way for the users.

The website is small and styled in a minimal way with the colours coming from their branding. It features a list of their services with many ways to contact them including a Google map for users to get directions to their offices.

Image of Shell Fawkes Fitness Website


Michelle came to me for a website for her new fitness business. I had designed the Shell Fawkes Fitness logo and she wanted a website that matched in with the colours and fonts of this.

The website includes fitness package information, ways to contact Michelle, training videos and a blog with news, nutrition information and client updates – Michelle updates the blog herself.

Image of AP Build Website


AP Build came to me to have a new modern looking website designed that showcased the photographs of the projects that they had undertaken. They wanted the website to be smart, minimal and mobile friendly.

With rolling images on the home page, images that show text when hovered over and a minimal sleek look throughout, this website definitely fits the brief.

Image of Coastline Taxis Barnstaple Website


Coastline Taxis Barnstaple came to me for a website that showed that they provide a service to airports, train stations and offer guided tours as well as being a standard local taxi service.

I created a professional site that is easy to navigate, showcases the different services and includes contact forms specific to those services. It also has a call button at the top of each page when on mobile for quick contact.

Image of Coastline Taxis Barnstaple Website


Badgers 4×4 came to me as they wanted a website to show all of the services that they offer because as well as servicing and repairs they also sell 4×4 vehicles and offer roadside recovery.

The website was styled based on the branding and type of business. It is minimal but it has all of the services set out clearly and separately so that the users can see exactly what Badgers 4×4 have to offer.

The website has many points of contact with contact widgets on the side of the screen as you scroll and a contact page including interactive Google map.