According to as of January 2021, it was found that the total number of active mobile internet users was approximately 65.32 million in the United Kingdom, which represented 96 percent of the overall population. Can you afford for a large percentage of people not to be able to view your website properly?

Websites are checked on their mobile friendliness as when google crawls your website this is something that it looks for, this is because they want to ensure the website performs well on all devices. The reason they do this is because of the amount of people that now use the internet on their mobile as they want them to have a good user experience just the same as they would on desktop.

When websites are not mobile friendly, buttons and the website menu are not easy to see or click on and the main text of the website is hard to read. See how your website looks on the desktop and now imagine squishing it down to fit on a mobile screen, pretty impossible to read or click on anything huh? Users will have to pinch and zoom all over the website to be able to see what they want to see. This can be frustrating for the user and can lead them to exiting the website as it’s sometimes quicker and easier to just find another website that shows you everything you need to see easily from the beginning.

Do not lose out on potential customers or sales. I can create a responsive website for you that is not only great looking on desktop but that looks great on mobile and tablet too! Everything will be readable and clickable, easy to navigate and will all be within the mobile screen frame, no pinching and zooming will be needed!

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Image of website on different devices